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Hawthorne School, Boulder County, Colorado


Arvada High School Track Team 1958-59

Arvada High School Wrestling Team 1958-59

Jefferson County Road and Bridge Crew

circa 1945-1955

Two young girls crossing street in front of Wheat Ridge High School, Wheat Ridge (Colo.)

circa 1930-1940

Young people at horse stable in Kittredge (Colo.)


NaTeSo Pueblo in Indian Hills (Colo.)

circa 1939

Snapshot of young people taken at Buffalo Bill's Grave on Lookout Mountain (Colo.)

August 1938

Bear Creek Road near Mt. Morrison

circa 1909-1929

Dankwardt's Bus Line

circa 1916

Man and woman reading a magazine

circa 1921-1924

Unidentified child standing on a bench

circa 1880-1900

Infant in a baby carriage

circa 1889-1896

Unidentified boy standing next to a riding horse.

circa 1900-1910

Studio portrait of an unknown child


Jefferson County Conference and Nature Center (now known as Boettcher Mansion), Golden, Colorado


House at Industrial School [for girls?]


Henry Lake


Eliza "Lida" Henry

circa 1900-1908

W.C. Henry

circa 1900-1908

Chapel at Lutheran Sanatarium, Wheatridge, Colorado

Postmarked 1944

Hi-Lander Inn, Conifer, Colorado

After 1963

Administration Building, Evangelical Lutheran Sanitarium, Edgewater, Colorado

circa 1907-1914

Portrait of Mabel Angevine

circa 1905

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