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6 Bar W Motel, 7566 W. 6th Ave., Lakewood, Colorado

circa 1952-1958

A man securing belongings to a car

circa 1910-1920

A-Bar-D Motel, 11891 West Colfax Ave., Lakewood, Colorado

1952 or later

Aerial photographs

Jefferson County Archives' Warehouse on Violet Street

circa 1991-1994

Arvada High School Basketball Team 1958-59

Arvada High School Football Team, 1958-59 School Year

Arvada High School Track Team 1958-59

Arvada High School Wrestling Team 1958-59

Photos from property appraisal cards used for valuation and taxation purposes


Bear Creek Road near Mt. Morrison

circa 1909-1929

Aerial view of Jefferson County Conference and Nature Center (now known as Boettcher Mansion)


Unidentified boy standing next to a riding horse.

circa 1900-1910

Building under construction

circa 1950-1970

Chapel at Lutheran Sanatarium, Wheatridge, Colorado

Postmarked 1944

Charlie Tayler Water Wheel and Bridal Veil Falls

circa 1950

Portrait of Chester C. Carpenter

circa 1862-1889

Photographs of Chief Hosa Lodge

Unidentified child standing on a bench

circa 1880-1900

Scene in Clear Creek Cañon on Hwy. US 6, Colorado

circa 1939-1950s

Photos of people, places and events in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado

Colorado & Southern Railway's rotary snowplow in Morrison, Colorado, April 21, 1920

Bird's Eye View of Colorado National Guard Camp


Jefferson County Courthouses

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