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A Thumbnail Sketch of Morrison, Colorado, by Dan Rohrer


A group of photos, letters and news clippings about the famous hackberry tree on Arvada's Hackberry Hill, compiled by the Archives. In 1936, the Colorado Highway Department and Works Progress Administration (WPA) planned to straighten Wadsworth Ave. over the top of the hill requiring destruction of the tree. Due to citizen opposition, the State made plans to transplant the tree instead. A ditch was dug around it in preparation for the move. However, one night in January, 1937, an Arvada man, tired of all the fuss, cut the tree down before they could finish the job.

Ledger listing tolls paid by travelers on the Bear Creek Toll Road


Bell Junior High School 1968-1969 Yearbook


The History of El Dorado Springs


Fremont School Records

1893, 1899-1907

Historical Hodgepodge: Stories of Morrison's Past


Name index to Series 114: County Court Correspondence and Court Papers

2021 February

Map of school districts in operation in Jefferson County before the 1950 reorganization/consolidation

List of school districts operating in Jefferson County during the 1947-48 school year.

Jefferson County Schools Before 1950


Childhood memories of Ken-Caryl Ranch by a descendent of the original owners


Memoirs of Sarah Ann Baker documenting her childhood and her family's overland journey from Illinois to Kansas Territory and to Colorado Territory in the 1860s.


Unpublished memoir of Father W.J. Howlett

approximately 1852-1927

Registers listing names of teachers enrolled in Teachers' Institutes

1899, 1900, 1901

Home movie documenting a family's visit to Tiny Town in 1931

circa 1931

Family memoirs, photographs, and scrapbook pages of the Wesselman Family of Morrison, Colorado


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