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Photographs, ca. 1916-1975 (Bulk 1918-1946)

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In Folder: Wesselman Family Papers

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Alvin Walker, Nellie Mae (Walker) Wesselman, and Lenora Walker, circa 1918

Bear Creek School with Nellie Mae (Walker) Wesselman and her sister Lenora Walker standing in front, circa 1925

Bear Creek School with Lenora Walker standing in front, circa 1925

Bear Creek School's 3rd and 4th grade class, 1936-37 school year. The teacher was Mrs. Ethel Knolls. Frances Wesselman is 5th from left, 2nd row. Clarence Wesselman is 4th from left, last row. Dennis Settles is the 2nd boy in the front row.

Bear Creek School and janitor residence occupied by Jack and Helen Bevans, damaged by windstorm. (undated, after 1920)

A wind storm tore the roof off the gym at Bear Creek School. The roof landed on the janitor's house, occupied by the Bevans family. (undated, after 1920)

Two women standing in front of the teacherage built for teachers to live in while teaching in Bear Creek School, circa 1925

Betty Ewing was a school teacher and secretary that accompanied students on the senior trip in 1946.

Unidentified man on left with rifle and Nate Walker with Laura Walker in the background, undated.

After flood waters receded, the footbridge had been demolished by a large tree. Wesselman’s bunkhouse was in the east end of the barn. Frank Pearman was staying there. Mt. Carbon in the background, 1938.

Hermann Wesselman, undated

Hubert Wesselman's siblings. L to R: Alex Wesselman, Emma, Hubert Wesselman, Fr. Meinrad (Alphonse Wesselman), August Wesselman. There were seven siblings. Gertrude Wesselman died around 1930, and Louis Wesselman was raised by relatives in St. Cloud, MN. Their father, Herman, helped Alex and August buy land south of Mt. Carbon, before 1953.

Laura and Nate Walker, circa 1918

Lester Witt was superintendent of Bear Creek School from 1935-1946. He and wife Edna accompanied students on their Senior Trip in May 1946.

Mary Lee Schrock form Morrison, circa 1940s. She graduated from Bear Creek School in 1945.

Unidentified men with a truck preparing to move the Wesselman's rental home across Bear Creek to Hampden Road in 1939.

An announcer from KFEL interviews Miss Colorado at Pioneer Days in Morrison, undated

Nellie Mae Wesselman (left) and her daughter Frances Wesselman (right) show off their costumes for Morrison's Pioneer Days celebration, undated.

Edna Chew (left) and Nellie Mae Wesselman (right) in costume during Morrison's Pioneer Days celebration.

Unidentified men at Pioneer Days in Morrison, undated.

Governor Vivian (?) congratulating Thyrza Baker on being the oldest living resident during Pioneer Days in Morrison. Princesses Mildred Bevans (far left) and Frances Wesselman look on, undated.

An announcer from KFEL interviews Miss Colorado at Pioneer Days in Morrison, circa 1940s.

An announcer from KFEL interviewing Aunt Thyrza Baker during Pioneer Days. Thyzra was the oldest living resident at the time, undated.

Edna Chew preparing the Bear Creek Mothers Study Group's 25th anniversary float, undated.

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